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Whether your new or old to the game of promoting your business online, there is always going to be more to learn. This issue was raised by a numerous amount of readers through various emails and forums. The issue being that you have just invested a lot of time and money into creating the website that you feel truly represents your company and its brand, however your stats are telling you nobody is looking at your site. A common frustration to anyone that has put their heart and soul into designing a site is only to find that there is a lot more tears and late nights awaiting you before you can call your website a success. This problem was raised by many people in various industries which is why we are choosing to leave this topic unspecific to any industry in particular.

First lets begin with finding out the problems that real business owners are having out there. Here are just some snippets of what people have been saying;

  • “I just spent all my online budget on designing our website, I just cant afford to invest into advertising heavily online to get users on our site without affecting the quality of the services that we are providing.”
  • “I have been trying to spread word of my site, but at this stage I feel like I am just pestering people to come onto my site”
  • “I guess what I’m saying is we all know how to talk to people about our products and services, but what is the most effective way to drive people to a business website, like if they don’t know we’re on the web, what can we do in the social media aspect to get people to know we’re on the web and this is what we have to offer”
These may sound like familiar thoughts if you have ever gone through this process without having any experts in the field to guide you. Googling ‘how to increase traffic numbers to my site’ can be extremely daunting with the amount of results that will be fired back at you. So we want to hear from you readers whats worked for you. Leave a comment below explaining what has worked for you and what has not.
Here are a few questions to get started that if answered could help a lot of readers to gain the numbers to their site that their efforts deserve.
1.  What has been the top 3 resources you have used to increase traffic?

2. How have you used social media to gain publicity and drive potential customers to your site?

3. How do I effectively inform consumers of our business while strengthening our brands image?

4. What was your biggest mistakes or regrets of promoting your business online?

5. How to do I find where my target audience is online?

6. Paid advertising online, is it really worth my hard earned cash?


Leave a comment with your solutions or problems.


Comments on: "My Company Website Looks Great, But Why Is Nobody Looking At It?" (4)

  1. Gerry said:

    If you are on twitter which you should be, you should follow a guy called @askaaronlee this guy has floods of information that can help you use social media to your advantage.

    1. Twitter but only as long as you have enough followers, interact with people and share valuable information thats not just on your site
    Squidoo . Add your RSS feed to your blog in as one of the modules and use plenty of tags
    Blogger & WordPress
    The key to any of these resources is interaction with others.

    2.I have used Fb to highlight new promotions I am having, I often make promotions exclusively for facebook fans as this can encourage others to like my page. Another gem to get your name out is to offer free stuff in competitions and get users to post your webpage or fbpage as their status, (be clever and creative with this, you dont want to sound lame)

    3. Understand what your brand is, have you an elevator pitch, because you should, you should be able to explain to customers in one line what it is you do. Its all about creating value for the customer

    4.Big mistake was not putting enough time into researching SEO at the beginning.

    5. Put yourself in their shoes, where would you go online if you were them

    6. the only value for money I have come across is google adwords and fb targeted ads but that has just been my personal experience.

    It be overwhelming at first but be patient and you will get your head round it in no time.


  2. Rachel Ashworth said:

    Found this article I thought was interesting that could be of some help

    The debate I am having with our team here is whether or not to invest in paying somebody to do this for us, I see a lot of new positions cropping up such as community manager or social media consultant, maybe I am old fashioned but I just feel like these are positions where we are going to be over paying and under working these employees just because we dont know an awful lot about the area, anyone else feel this way??

  3. Philip said:

    Some really useful tips here, even the articles within it are very helpful for getting started

  4. My company works with business owners to provide help with their online marketing, so maybe I can offer some perspective. I’ll deal with Social Media here, since it was specifically addressed.

    First, set yourself up a twitter account and get little “tips” going out daily. Once a business day. Don’t overexpose yourself. Deal with subjects that are asked about often in your industry. Once a week, send out a tweet dealing with a certain interesting or complicated subject that someone unfamiliar with your industry wouldn’t initially understand (short-sales for real-estate agents, the benefits of QR codes for marketing people, pre-planning for funeral homes etc.) including a clickable, trackable link to your website or a webpage for more information.

    Also set up a blog where you go into certain subjects in more depth in a small article format. Include a clickable trackable link to the site or a page with more information. Update it regularly to gain priority with search engines.

    I would also suggest setting up a youtube account. Create a series of videos with different material. Do some videos explaining certain areas of your business you get asked about often. Do a video tour of your office if you work in a location where the setting of your business is important. Demonstrate your products or services in a cool way. Highlight a service that you feature that gives people the “warm fuzzies” about your approach. Bookend every video with your information and a clickable, trackable link back to the site. There’s a way to tag videos for optimization to gain precedence on search engines when people are looking for you, and also to gain priority on youtube.

    This might be controversial, but if you’re looking into search engine optimization, be careful. It can be costly, or if you do it yourself, time consuming. Some people also have different approaches, so make sure your information’s being put into directories (to maximize your online footprint during searches) and that everything’s being tracked for effectiveness. Otherwise you’re burning time, money or both.

    You want all your content to be focused on what someone’s concerns would be, not how great you are (even if it’s true). The name of the game is exposure, and trust. No matter what industry you’re in, when someone makes a purchasing decision with you, they’re telling you they want you to become part of their life. Provide information to leverage your expertise, and build online relationships with your customers so that people trust your experience and personality enough to bring you into their world.

    -Matt Smith

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