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Taking the P*ss out of our Graduates!


Our latest post is coming from one of the many graduates out there seeking work. As times have become tougher it seems that little to unpaid internships are raising there heads more and more across a range of industries. Have a look and see what this reader has to say about them.



My problem will probably end in more of a venting session as I doubt anything will ever be done about this. I want to bring up the issue that’s happening in the financial sector at present, were recent graduates are being taken advantage of by large companies.

My background is that I have a degree and two masters.

Back in May I was offered a 3 month internship with a large financial institution that specialises in the area of retail banking. They said that I will be given a payment of €3,000 at the end of my three months and that there will be a strong chance of a position being offered at the end paying a salary of €20,000 a year. I was a bit hesitant but fortunately enough I am in a comfortable position in terms of finances that I was able to take on something like this for this money, as this was an area where I wish to build a career in. However at the end of my gruelling 3 months I am told that they will only pay me a third of what was initially offered and that they may pay me an extra €1,000 and they might offer me a position if I were to complete another project for them.

As you can imagine I refused and am going down the route to get the full amount that’s owed to me. My issue here is that three months of my life are gone now with absolutely nothing gained other than this “experience” that these big companies are selling internships on. I am all for companies make their money, but paying graduates less than minimum wage and getting away with it is a joke. I have learned a hard lesson from this but I know that there are many people out there taking on these internships as we speak and in my opinion are being taking advantage of paying these low wages. I know a chance of there being a solution to this is slim but ether way I think it is something that should be discussed.




What are your thoughts?

  • Are large companies taking advantage of these young graduates?
  • Do you feel that large companies could benefit more if they paid their graduates a higher wage?
  • Is it just something that graduates have to go through to make it somewhere?
  • Any advice for paths or options these graduates can take?
  • What should a graduate today be paid in your country?

Dealing with Office Politics

This weeks problem comes from an engineer in the I.T. industry. It’s an issue that I think we might find is quite common in any large organisation. The issue this reader has is with communication and the red tape that can surround it. The below email outlines what our reader has to deal with day in day out.

To Industry Problems.

My issue is more to do with management than anything else. I am an engineer for a leading company in the technology industry. My problem is not to do with the work that I have to but more so to do with the relationship that we have with other support services.

Basicly everybody is too busy following their job description to actually go and do the work. To be fair, as engineers we can often get annoyed at each other on the phone for not responding or holding back doing certain work, but in reality we all know that it is really the management behind us passing problems back and forth to avoid taking responsibility for issues. The reason for this happening in our case is that everyone involved is has just come under a new contract with this customer, so everybody is trying to avoid being held responsible for any problems happen on their watch.

What I would love to know is how as engineers can we change this, we have brought it up to our own management but they just say that they would love if we could get on with things and they place the blame on others, which I imagine is whats happening in the other support centers. Is there a new process that we could suggest to the management or is there away that we as engineers can get around mangers saying that’s not our issue that’s for company X. Any help would be greatly appreciated from anyone and many thanks in advance for those who contribute.

All my best


Tom’s email highlights the difficulty of trying to do your job around the politics that can exist in an office. We all know that there will always be politics in a work place, but has anyone ever found anything that can reduce these politics affecting you get on with your day-to-day work. Is there a space here for some form of software to be developed that can outline who does what when, so that employees can know where they stand and that the customer visibly see the sort of relationship that their services have with each other. Or is this an unfixable problem that we just have to live with?

What are your views?

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