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Making each others lives easier….

This site is a space where you can come to vent about the problems that you have found in your work environment or to help solve the issues that others have.

The Goal: To have entrepreneurs and innovators tackle the real problems that people are facing in industrys around the world.

The Process

Person with the problem:

  1. Email your problems, big or small to
  2. In the email;  state clearly the industry you’re in, if you want your blog post to be understood and read by a wide audience rather than just people within your area of work, it is recommended to avoid using industry jargon. By emailing us directly we can allow you to post real problems in your industry whilst still being able to remain anonymous.
  3. Sign up to our blog and we will alert you as soon as your problems have gone live.

Person looking to fix or discuss issues.

  1. Simply place a comment under the blog and let the discussion begin.
  2. If you feel comfortable doing so mention what your background is in.
If you have an idea or you are working on something that you dont want to be made public, simply leave some contact details for our reader that has a problem.

Each month a highlights piece is released, giving you the reader all the best bits from the month gone.