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Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks..

This latest problem has been mailed into us from the owner of a bicycle shop in California. I think this post has particular relevance for a lot of small business owners that are struggling to keep the doors open, let alone focus on making profits.


My name is Albert, I run a modest business selling bicycles in a college town in California. I have been in the game for sometime now, too long some might say but I enjoy my work. My wife told me about this site and suggested that we write in to you as we cant see how it can hurt. I know this is not really an industry problem, but it is an issue that we are having that we need help with.

Our problem is that we just haven’t been selling as many bikes as we used to, we used to do twice as much business in the good times. We are losing a lot of business to people buying bikes online. I am well into my mid seventies so I have no plans to set up an online business. My wife is more up on the technical side of things as she has set up our website and our Facebook.

Basically we are just stuck in a rut, we would be happy to sell to the right people but in the current environment it doesnt look likely. I have put my life into this business and I believe that we offer a great honest service. I would really value any opinions people have and thank everyone in advance if you decided to post this for us.

God Bless,


This may not be a problem facing the bicycle industry today but struggling to keep a business up and running certainly is something that is affecting business owners all over the world.

What would you recommend for a small business owner in this sort of environment?

Is there anyway for older business owners to keep in touch with a changing environment or should they just stick to what they know and hope for the best?

Leave your thoughts and advice in the comments below, and dont forget to share among your networks.